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> (setenv("QT_WAYLAND_DISABLE_WINDOWDECORATION", "1", 1);). I commented
It has same issue when I bring up dragonboard.

Which NXP board do you use exactly?


2017-04-07 20:09 GMT+09:00 Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at>:

> Hi all
> Including the mailing list into this conversation (as agreed with
> Claudiu).  Feel free to jump in, or just read it to stay informed.
> I am aware of several member companies running GDP on NXP already (as
> demonstrated in showcases over several years).
> Would still want to see that all those adopters involve themselves in
> supporting the integration on the actual master branch.  If you're adopting
> the platform, you should provide changes to the base platform back into
> master.  It's that simple.
> I would also like to see (and I've pointed this out in shared forums)
> somebody to jump in and better align how BSPs are set up in GDP vs.
> AGL, so we can stop wasted effort on that front at least.  The Yocto setup
> enables us to get quite far on that but more can be done.  I don't
> personally have the time right now but it should be beneficial for many
> companies to avoid any disparity.
> Thanks,
> - Gunnar
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> On Fri, 2017-04-07 at 09:13 +0000, Claudiu Ion Lataretu wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am sorry for my late response. I was working on fixing some problems
> > that I had. As I mentioned earlier, I had issues with GDP demo
> > applications because it does not rendered the GUI on the screen After
> > some debugging on them, I found what caused the issue. In the source
> > code of the applications there is a setenv function call that sets
> > QT_WAYLAND_DISABLE_WINDOWDECORATION environment variable to 1
> > (setenv("QT_WAYLAND_DISABLE_WINDOWDECORATION", "1", 1);). I commented
> > this line of code and I removed the window decorator from the view
> > itself as
> > follows:
> >       view.setFlags(Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::Window); This solved
> > the
> > problem with GUI and now I can see all the GUI elements on the screen.
> >
> > Do you consider that I should make a commit into the github repository
> > for those applications(HVAC, fmradio and connectedhome) with my
> > modifications?
> > Or should I keep it just as a patch?
> If you have your own personal account on GitHub it's usually better to make
> a fork of those projects, commit your changes there, and then you can send
> a
> pull request.  We of course would need to test your changes on all other
> hardware too but hopefully it works and then we don't need to carry a
> special patch for NXP.
> >
> > Regarding your below questions. Yes, I do start with
> >
> >
> >
> 6598%7C686ea1d3bc2b4c6fa92cd99
> > c5c301635%7C0&sdata=eIS08M05vTBjAxyZPDi6pReh0TtOl7
> AqLoOjDe%2FPViQ%3D&reser
> > ved=0 master branch, but my approach was to get a working I.MX yocto bsp
> > and include the genivi-dev- platform in that bsp with all the layer
> > dependencies that it needs.
> OK. I think we more work with the opposite thinking "include the bsp in
> genivi-dev-platform".  But the end result should be similar, but in the end
> we would like this packaged in the same way as all other support for GDP.
> There are many BSPs already supported - each of them brought in as a
> submodule and this is another.
> But that's OK.  If you are able to publish your whole project then we start
> by comparing and understanding?
> This conversation should also be moved to one of our mailing lists so that
> others can help out and know what's going on.  Do you mind if I post it to
> genivi-projects list?
> Thanks,
> - Gunnar
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