April 6th 2017 GENIVI IT Newsletter

Nicholas Contino ncontino at genivi.org
Thu Apr 6 13:44:05 EDT 2017

*IT Newsletter*

Hi there!

I am the GENIVI IT manager, and I will be sending emails to keep you
informed about weekly updates and current IT issues.

- Password resets
- New Members Mailing List server
- Migration Status

- Password Resets
As a part of the migrations lately, the authentication mechanism for both
at.projects.genivi.org and collab.genivi.org has been migrated and updated.
After these changes, some users have had trouble resetting their
collab.genivi.org credentials. I have been working with Atlassian to get a
solution in place. I will be testing the solution over the weekend to
confirm that it functions as expected. Thanks to those who have helped to
identify this issue; this will be fixed soon!

- New Member Mailing List Server
As many of you have noticed, the GENIVI servers have been undergoing a lot
of changes recently. Nearly every GENIVI server has been moved from
remote-hosting facilities to on-site servers in Portland, Oregon in the
last year. The final server to be migrated will be mail.genivi.org. In this
migration, we will be moving from Sympa to Mailman list software. This
means that you will receive a new login ID so that you can view archives
and administrate lists through the Mailman web interface. I will continue
to provide information about this migration throughout the procedure.

- Migration Status
As the final pieces of the migration are falling in to place, I will begin
working to upgrade, optimize and polish the tools that have already been
migrated and are used day-to-day. This ongoing newsletter will allow me to
broadly communicate the issues that I am working on, and give GENIVI
members insight into the behind-the-scenes of the infrastructure.

Thanks for reading!
Nicholas Contino | IT Manager

ncontino at genivi.org
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