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Mon Apr 3 10:16:09 EDT 2017

I am writing an application that makes use of the PCL. In order for
information to be retained across boots, my application needs to do some
"cleaning up" in terms of de-initializing the library and having NSM do the
actual writing of the data to the device or set the life cycle.

This email thread has the summary of how the library works:

Initially, I had relied on the NSM to do the final writing, but this didn't
work since the NSM doesn't get kill before the application does and there
is no real "quitting" of either applications. So, I had gone to the latter
option, write back controlled by application.

I had noticed that the HMI code has a "UnixSignalHandler" class that
handles when the application closes based on the interrupt or termination
of the application. I copied those files into my application folder and was
able to do connect the quit of the application to the clean up code.

A follow up problem I am experiencing right now is that the HMI may quit or
terminate without notifying the underlying applications that it has exited.

Can you please provide some advice on whether including the
UnixSignalHandler was the way to go or if there is an alternative option?
And thoughts on how to handle when the HMI quits, but the application does
not recognize that it has exited?

Thank you very much in advance!
Vy Duong, Software Engineer, Integrated Computer Solutions.
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