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Hi Rudi,

I think I can help you out with most of the issues you’re having.

Just to summarize, here’s what I see as currently outstanding:

- Uninformative error message: 2016-09-27T18:56:48Z (0167dce): ERROR - Interpreter failed: System info error: No such file or directory (os error 2)
- Disabling http gateway does not produce expected behaviour
- Adding a vehicle doesn’t work, producing no error message the first time (but not showing the newly-added vehicle in the list), and yielding "deviceId or deviceName is already in use” if it’s attempted to be added again
- Adding packages always fails with "HTTP method not allowed, supported methods: GET"

Let me do my best to handle those, in order.

The first one is fairly easy: the problem lies with the system_info variable in your config file. We set it to “”, the script provided in rvi_sota_client [1], by default, and it’s not available on your test system. I can see where “System info error” doesn’t make that terribly obvious, though. I believe it you set the RUST_LOG level to “debug” you’d see a more detailed error message.

For the second, I see you have a workaround, but still, http communication with core should get disabled entirely when the http gateway is set to false. I’ve opened a ticket to get that fixed, as well.

For the third, I was unable to reproduce. As soon as I add a vehicle, it shows up in the list. What happens if you refresh the page? Does it show up in the list then? If so, you should be good to move on.

The device’s primary key is not the VIN; it’s a UUID that is randomly assigned upon device creation. We don’t test that process through RVI, but here’s the happy path for testing over HTTP:

1. Create a vehicle.
2. Get the UUID of the vehicle you just created. (It’s in the response to the POST /devices API call, or you can see it in the URL of the vehicle’s individual page.)
3. In the [device] section of sota.toml on the client, set uuid = “response-you-just-got” and start/restart sota_client.
4. Vehicle should show up online.

Can you confirm that the UUID in your sota.toml matches that of the vehicle added?

Finally, for the packages problem, based on your screenshot I think the problem is just that you haven’t supplied a version. It’s a bad error message, of course, but you should be able to add a package as long as you supply a version.



[1] <>

> On Sep 27, 2016, at 1:45 AM, Streif, Rudolf <rstreif at> wrote:
> ATS Team:
> I am trying to run the sota client directly on the target platform, no Docker. It compiles fine but on startup I am getting this error message (the last line is the error message of course, just providing the preceding two for context):
> 2016-09-26T23:22:27Z (0167dce): INFO - Loading config file: sota.toml
> 2016-09-26T23:22:27Z (0167dce): INFO - Setting OpenSSL CA certificates path to "sota_certificates"
> Couldn't get list of packages: Package error: Error fetching packages: No such file or directory (os error 2)
> Observations:
> I would expect that the error message uses the same logger as the two INFO lines above.
> The error message should include what path it is trying to access.
> Device configuration is as follows:
> [device]
> uuid = "59fcdf9c-843e-11e6-8a9b-0800275002c9"
> vin = "rjs-fedora"
> packages_dir = "/tmp/"
> package_manager = "deb"
> system_info = ""
> polling_interval = 10
> certificates_path = "sota_certificates"
> packages_dir is set to /tmp which is the default. This directory of course exists and is accessible.
> Thanks,
> :rjs
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