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Hi Cristina,

If you don't use RVI, you would be consuming the APIs from the server
directly from your client with no indirection. You can find the
documentation of the details of those APIs in Swagger, YAML and JSON
formats on the documentation site[1].

One of the primary differences without RVI is that the package queuing
and chunking is replaced with direct HTTP(S) downloads of packages by
the client.

The reference client implementation includes both HTTPS and RVI protocol
implementations. The GENIVI upstream is a little out of date (but I hope
we will be able to update it this week), but in the meantime you can use
ATS's downstream for the latest code (stable branch should be good)[2].

Without RVI, it is up to the SOTA Server/Client to handle device
authentication and authorization. There is support in both client and
server for OAuth2, but you will need to run your own OAuth2 server.

We'll be updating the documentation this or next week to make that a
little bit clearer. We just pushed a new version of rvi_sota_server
upstream at the end of last week, and we are testing those changes now
to make sure it's ready to use.




On 05/09/16 11:09, Cristina STANGACIU wrote:
> Hi!
> On the following link
> there is a nice description of the interactions between the SOTA
> server and the SOTA client through RVI nodes.
> As the SOTA project can be build and run without RVI, I would like to
> ask about the eventual differences in the SOTA Client-Server
> interaction if the project is build without the RVI.
> Thank you!
> Cristina Stangaciu
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