Slotted UDP repo created.

Feuer, Magnus mfeuer1 at
Sat Oct 22 14:16:42 EDT 2016


Following a productive meeting at the AMM where we explored the
possibilities of distributing media over an in-vehicle LAN with guaranteed
latency and bandwidth, I created

The technical idea is to implement a simple TDMA slotting system on top of
multicast UDP, guaranteeing that there will be no collisions and that each
slot (channel) has O(1) latency and bandwidth regardless of network traffic

Please note that this is just the bottom layer of a media distribution
stack; additional layers and services will be needed.

This is an exploratory project where we try to figure out if we can achieve
our goals using only software, or if we need to rely on hardware-dependent
solutions such as [Open]AVB.

We will continue to work a bit with the code while gathering additional
requirements and objectives. If the projects crashes and burns, I will
delete the repo.


/Magnus F.

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