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I have a question:

how to I check if the following command works properly. Do I have to get 
a message in the console?.

|docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f core-rvi.yml -f client-rvi.yml 
up -d |

I ask this, because I was following the instructions on

and the following operation led to [SUCCESS] ...

|./sbt docker:publishLocal |

After changing directory and running

|docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f core-rvi.yml -f client-rvi.yml 
up -d|

The only message was the help menu.

Other question that I have is how to login to the UI (how do I access 
the UI for the following context).

"Login to the UI and create a new Device/Vehicle. Copy the newly 
generated Device UUID (e.g. "9ea653bc-3486-44cd-aa86-d936bd957e52") into 
the|client-rvi.yml|file as environment variable|DEVICE_ID|:"

Thank you!

Cristina S.

On 18.10.2016 19:27, Shaun Taheri wrote:
> Hi all,
> Apologies for the delayed reply regarding the messages last week 
> around the SOTA client and DBus, although I was off and am just 
> catching up with the requests.
> Admittedly the instructions for starting the client are not as clear 
> as they should be (and will be updated), however the steps for using 
> the SOTA Client with RVI and GENIVI SWM are as follows:
> * Start the SOTA server and RVI by following the instructions here: 
> (the username and password for the UI are “genivi” and “genivirocks!” 
> respectively).
> * Start the SOTA client (passing “RUST_LOG=debug” to see debug output) 
> with the desired config file. An example config has been attached, 
> although you will need to update:
>   - device.uuid to the device id created previously
>   - to the correct IP for core.server and rvi.client
>   - to the correct IP for the sota client
> * From the software_loading_manager directory in the GENIVI SWM 
> repository, run “python” to start the SWM.
> * Upload a package using the UI, then create a campaign which should 
> trigger an “UpdateAvailable” Event in the client, which the DBus 
> Gateway will pick up to initiate the download. (If you want the SOTA 
> client to install the downloaded package, change 
> “device.package_manager” in the config to “deb” or “rpm”.)
> I’ve attached some log output as well to show the above flow in 
> operation. Please let me know if anyone needs further assistance 
> getting this running.
> Many thanks,
> Shaun
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