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It seems Node State Manager will have some problems in 64 bit systems. The mechanism to wait for lifecycle_complete events uses a pointer as id to match incoming events to the lifecycle consumer data structure:

if(NSMA__pCurrentLcConsumer == (NodeStateLifeCycleConsumer*) u32RequestId)

                                                         (guint) NSMA__pCurrentLcConsumer,

This might lead to following situations:

-        A lifecycle_complete event from one of the clients is not detected due to a not matching point (the pointer is different after a cast.)

-        A lifecycle _complete event from one client is detected as the answer of another one (32bits are not compared. The id might fit for different pointers.)


-        I suggest to implement a 32 bit id generation independent from pointers. Ids can be just generated by counting up an integer during registration. I would not expect any overflow. With this solution, the interface can be kept as it is.

In addition:

-        This issue is reported by the compiler as a warning. I suggest to change the compiler settings to treat warnings as errors. This way, such kind of errors are detected very fast.

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