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Agustin Benito Bethencourt agustin.benito at
Mon Oct 10 06:22:42 EDT 2016

Hi Steve,

during the last GDP call you mentioned that GENIVI marketing is 
discussing how to name the image to be shown at the 15th AMM.

For those who has not been closely following the GDP project lately, the 
image we are preparing for the 15th AMM is:
* GDP11 RC2 as base + a few updates
* New app launcher
* New demo apps
* RPi3 image

++ GDP 11 RC3

GDP consumers and contributors would expect that RC3 would be more 
stable than RC2, which is not the case.

They would also expect to have at least the same number of tested ports 
to targets than RC2, which is not the case either.

So I do not recommend to label this image as RC3

++ GDP 11 beta 2

Adding the label beta would better reflect the current state of the new 
features, but it would break the current release sequence which will 
confuse consumers and would make our documentation around our release 

Moving back from RC2 to Beta 2 is not considered a good practice.

It would not reflect the current state of the base system. We are in 
first place looking for app testers not system testers.

So I do not recommend to label what we will show as Beta 2.

++ GDP 11 preview

Since the next release will be GDP 11, calling this image a preview (or 
similar) would provide the idea that what you will see is not polished 
at the level of the coming release, which is true.

It would not interfere with our current release cycle and would provide 
the idea that by attending to the event or downloading the image, you 
will have a sense of "what is coming". I think this approach is accurate.

The fact that we present a limited amount of ports and test coverage is 
consistent with what you expect on a "preview".

On the other hand, in order to attract testers, a specific complementary 
message would be needed. It would also require to mention that not the 
whole system is a preview, but just the new features.

++ Development approach instead of delivery ones

Another option is to unlink the new App launcher and demo apps from the 
release cycle (in relation with the name), focusing on the features 
themself, using a development approach instead of a delivery one. This 
way, we would not mention GDP at all but the App launcher and demo apps. 
The message would claim that the new features will land on GDP 11

Since GDP 11 RC2 happens to be the latest stable pre-release, the new 
feature is shown "on top of it" and an image for those interested will 
be available. As with any other new feature, improvements are landing in 
Master as ready.

This message is consistent with the idea that developers can bring new 
features to GDP as contributions, and mature them there to be able to 
even move into compliance (code first approach).

In this approach, a name for the app launcher and demo apps are needed. 
It would be good if we provide them good product names. Almost nobody 
knows what an HMI is, what an app launcher for automotive could look 
like.... I would look for nice simple names, easy to refer to, moving 
away from names like GDP, meta-ivi, Master...

This would be my favourite approach.

Best Regards

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink
agustin.benito at

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