How to build 'New HMI' PR with GDP Master

Paul Sherwood paul.sherwood at
Wed Oct 5 13:39:48 EDT 2016

On 2016-10-05 17:23, Leon Anavi wrote:
>> bitbake -c clean gdp-hmi-launcher2 && bitbake -c cleansstate
>> gdp-hmi-launcher2
> I tried it two days ago when we were chatting in IRC and in my case
> only "bitbake -c clean gdp-hmi-launcher2" was enough.
> Btw well done. I enjoyed it. Thank for the opportunity to be among
> the first who saw the brand new UI :)

Video, or it didn't happen :)

Also, are you still planning to be at ELCE? I have you pencilled for 
the Automative Collaboration Panel


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