[GDP] Demo HMIs available for this week

Justin Noel justin at ics.com
Wed Oct 5 12:12:21 EDT 2016


We are having trouble checking code into the repos below, but the work
is done. Can you make sure Justin-Noel, binaryquinn and vydoung10 have
commit access to the repos below.


These are some HMI demos from JLR that were released to GENIVI last
week. These are strictly example HMIs written in QML with no
functionality to control anything. We have ported them from portrait
resolution of 1080x1920 to 1920x1080 landscape to meet the GENIVI
hardware requirements. Once code is checked in these are considered
done. I will send another email as commits are executed on the repos.

FM Radio:

Connected Home:


There is the possibility that a media manager / player may get done
for this week, but it is not guaranteed. Roland and Vy are working on
it as we speak.


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