YAMAICA git repo update

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah.foster at pelagicore.com
Fri Nov 11 12:56:03 EST 2016


I've been trying to move the YAMAICA repo as part of the regular transition
of git repos to GitHub. I've been unable to do so, I get this error when I
try to clone;

git clone http://git.projects.genivi.org/yamaica.git
Cloning into 'yamaica'...
error: Unable to find 65336d91ade51a8e59ea6f657f7e2db1da3362be under
Cannot obtain needed object 65336d91ade51a8e59ea6f657f7e2db1da3362be
error: fetch failed.

As a work around, I've downloaded snapshot of YAMAICA master, with tag
yamaica_18, and created a new git repo at GitHub. This is suboptimal since
it would be nice to have history. History is of course still available
here: http://git.projects.genivi.org/?p=yamaica.git;a=summary.

I'll continue to try to understand what is happening in the YAMAICA repo
with regard to commit 65336d91ade51a8e59ea6f657f7e2db1da3362be. Just wanted
to bring everyone up to date on the status of the repo. My understanding is
that there are some updates to YAMAICA coming from BMW shortly.



Jeremiah C. Foster

Pelagicore AB
Ekelundsgatan 4, 6tr, SE-411 18
Gothenburg, Sweden
M: +1.860.772.9242
jeremiah.foster at pelagicore.com
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