GDP transition news: farewell Codethink Ltd.

Agustin Benito Bethencourt agustin.benito at
Wed Nov 9 12:41:58 EST 2016

Dear GDP friends,

today at the GDP weekly call it was announced that Codethink Ltd will no 
longer stand behind GDP. A new team from Pelagicore will drive GDP 
during the next year, starting November 15th.

For Codethink, it has been over a year working towards achieving two 
main goals:

1.- To make GDP a community driven project, following common Open Source 

2.- To make GDP easy to consume, as a necessary step to bring GENIVI 
developed software to the masses.

We appreciate the opportunity given last year to us by GENIVI.

GDP today is the result of many people's effort. Above all, we would 
like to thank those of you, GDP contributors, who have put your personal 
time to make GDP better, specially to Changhyeok Bae.

Whatever we have achieved, we did it together.

We wish the new team the best of lucks. Their success will be ours too.

Best Regards

GDP Delivery Team at Codethink Ltd

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