Interesting talks from ELCE 2016

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Wed Nov 2 06:45:49 EDT 2016


the video of the GDP presentation is out. Thanks Changhyeok and Leon for 
helping me out with it. I really liked the idea of sharing the stage 
with people who actually do the work.


Other interesting talks:

1.- Creating Continuous Delivery for Yocto Based IoT Distribution[1], 
from Alexander Kanevskiy, Intel

Alexander has a lot of experience building systems.

2.- Building and Testing an Automotive Platform - How Automotive Grade 
Linux is Built and Tested[2] from Jan-Simon Moeller, The Linux Foundation

AGL is doing a good job on the testing side.

3.- Deby - Reproducible and Maintainable Embedded Linux Environment with 
Poky from azuhiro Hayashi[3], Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba is using Deby in production. SUSE just announced its new 
embedded effort[5]. With the expected hardware capabilities of the 
coming hardware, it is questionable that some systems designed for to 
work on that kind of HW can be considered embedded (in the traditional 
sense) any more. Traditional Linux distros then might make sense.

4.- Automotive Collaboration: What's Really Going On? Has Something 
Improved During the Last Year?[6] Panel moderated by Paul Sherwood, 
Codethink Ltd

The developers at the panel works within AGL and GENIVI so their 
opinions are interesting.

5.- Comparison of Linux Software Update Technologies[7] from Matt 
Porter, Konsulko

Good for beginners in this topic. Good overview.

6.- IoTivity: The Open Connectivity Foundation and the IoT Challenge[8] 
from Thiago Macieira, Intel

Do you need a reason to attend to Thiago's talks? I do not.

7.- Audio on Linux: The End of a Golden Age? from Lars-Peter Clausen, 
Analog Devices

I learnt some things with this talk.

8.- Designing a Distro from Scratch Using OpenEmbedded - Part 2 from 
Koen Kooi, Linaro

I liked the overview. Not recommended for those of you who already use 
Yocto on daily basis.

9.- Continuous Integration and Testing of a Yocto Project Based 
Automotive Head Unit from Mario Domenech Goulart & Mikko Rapeli, BMW

Real case in automotive so very interesting. I hope we will see more of 
this in the future.

10,- Open Source in Every Car with Automotive Grade Linux from Walt 
Miner, The Linux Foundation

It is always good to know what AGL is doing.

Good overview



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