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Thank you for providing this analysis.


> * The GDP implementation of the GENIVI Software Platform (1) can use
> red-light licensed software as long as it is compliant with the
> specification.  On the positive side, this might lower the cost of
> providing a compliant implementation of some Abstract or Placeholder
> Components (for example, if a v3-licensed implementation matching the spec
> is available).  On the downside, such implementations are unlikely to
> evolve into anything suitable for production (e.g., a reference
> implementation).  This latter property will probably stop most GENIVI
> members from supporting the development of such software.
> This would be my personal preference for GDP. It's supposed to be a
complete development platform on the leading edge. It may depend on a
case-to-case evaluation. In this case we are talking specifically about Qt
as the UI framework. The purpose of the UI on GDP is to complete the
platform and provide a means for GDP developers to exercise the underlying
platform components in a meaningful way. For any production use, OEMs and
Tier 1s would replace the UI with their own.

> * The experimental software (2) included in GDP can rely on the red-light
> licensed software, but only before it becomes relevant for the platform
> compliance.  For example, early prototypes and proof of concept software
> could rely on red-light licensed software.  However, this would have to be
> changed prior to including such code as Specific Components or pointing to
> it as a Reference Implementation in the compliance specification.  Since
> such a change would increase the development effort, it is at least
> questionable whether red-light licenses would make sense in this case.
> This, IMHO, is difficult as it would require duplication of work. I would
not opt for this approach.

> * Any additional GDP components (3) are mostly about adding some useful
> and visible behavior on top of the services provided by the GENIVI Software
> Platform.  This could be about making the platform software fully
> functional (e.g., by providing Persistence or audio routing plugins) or
> about adding some sort of user interface to trigger the platform
> functionality.  Aside from license compatibility constraints (e.g., when
> developing a plugin), this part of GDP can use red-light licensed
> software.  As with (2), should such software eventually become relevant for
> the GENIVI Software Platform, its red-light license will get into way.
> IMHO, this is not that much of an issue for GDP but more for the baselines.

FYI, I just built the most recent GDP. It already includes quite a number
of GPL v3 licensed components, namely all the GNU packages such as
readline, gettext, grub, gnutls, etc.


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