Number and codenames for GDP next.

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On 16/05/16 13:04, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:
> Hi,
> since the numbering and codename schema proposal have not received major
> criticism so far, I will include it in the next GDP call in order to
> adopt it.
> Now the discussion to open is.... which number and codename we adopt?
> ++ Number
> I see two interesting options for the next release:
> * GDP 1.0
> This number reinforce the idea of GDP having a new approach, a new
> beginning.
> * GDP 10.0

In the past GDP call participants agreed on this option. Together with 
the opinions published here, this is the winner.

Next GDP version will be GDP 10. We will move from there according to 
the schema.

> This number would mean a soft transit from the former to the new model.
> Still will provide a sense of relation with meta-ivi.
> ++ Codename
> There are four options I would like you to evaluate:
> a.- Create a kind of a contest for major releases in this list when the
> moment comes.
> b.- Let the release manager (maintainers in this case) decide. This
> option is very popular among Open Source projects.
> c.- Use code-names as a marketing tool, so marketing decides.
> d.- Follow a similar pattern that currently meta-ivi has.
> Feel free support any of the above options or propose new ones
> ++ My preferred options
> For version numbers, I would go for the first option. I find it easier
> to explain the new message using a "fresh start". The only thing to
> explain then is the relation with the previous model, not also the
> linkage between compliance/certification and development/innovation.
> It simplifies the messaging, which I think is good when reaching a new
> target.
> For code-names I like the first option. Names is something that brings
> debate. Creativity and participation are king for me. My preference is
> not as strong as the numbering case though.

Most of the people support the idea of using the same codename for 
Baseline and for GDP. So we will refer to the next version of GDP as 

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