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maybe this could be a good base:

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What is the rationale for creating such an new API?
Are there no solutions already available that could be declared as to be 
used standard within GENIVI? 


On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 12:50 AM, Vick, Matthew <mvick at
> wrote:

I have taken an initial stab at the Vehicle Signal Interface API, 
available here:

Any and all feedback is welcome at this point. The API is intentionally as 
tight as possible right now to proactively fight API bloat, so please feel 
free to offer quality of life suggestions in addition to any suggestions 
for the core API.

The API is currently a stub with more functionality coming soon. Stay 
tuned for the VSI core, which will trigger the beginning of the work to 
integrate the API and the core together.

Pull requests are welcome!


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