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Thank you.

> It's something more, I am concerned to discuss. I did not really discover
> it until I dug a little deeper into meta-ivi. My fault for not doing that
> earlier. So let me try to take a different approach and explain what I
> actually want and think is useful to others too:
>    1. I want a clean meta-genivi layer (which is actually not
>    meta-ivi/meta-ivi). That layer must only include the recipes to build the
>    GENIVI components (no bsp stuff, no distro configuration). Images and
>    package groups are ok. I would be happy to add the recipes from meta-rvi to
>    it once the RVI EG got their spec done and RVI has become an official
>    GENIVI component.
>    2. I want to be able to use meta-genivi with Yocto Project/OECore and
>    be able to add it to my own distribution build (yes, I can do that with
>    meta-ivi right now but I get all this fluff that I neither need nor want).
>    3. I want GDP to use that meta-genivi layer so that GDP has a clean
>    structure and is not burdened with all the other fluff that is in meta-ivi.
>    4. I want GDP to become the official Yocto Project GENIVI Baseline
>    with direct support for select hardware platforms (great to see the
>    MinnowBoard announcement from Agustin this morning, thanks)
> [SL] Thanks. Personally that makes it much clearer to me. +1 also on the
> switch to objectives rather than implementation minutiae. It’s a big
> architectural topic, as at root we are talking about the purpose of the
> baselines.
> As this topic progresses I would ask everyone that we should remember that
> we have two baselines and should be careful with terms.
How can we address it rather sooner than later? GDP is evolving and
interest in it is growing. For it to become a true development/developer
platform it must be easy to use and (mostly) free of unnecessary historic

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