Franca IDL for audio manager.

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Hi Gunnar,thanks for the clarification.  I agree to your suggestion to reach out to the Genivi component owners to understand  "how to organize fidl files in an actual software project. And this includes things like how and where CommonAPI code generation happens and how to organize the artifacts coming out of that code generation" 

this is what exactly I am also looking for  .Also I agree with your view that  "single repository for franca files" is of little value. I have asked this question , as I read from some wiki information that there is a proposal to keep the franca files consolidated in a single repository. So I wanted to check with you is there something already available. 


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Sorry I need to follow up on this again.
So I rewrote my response after better understanding of your response but managed to send off the wrong copy.  

With respect to your request of one single shared directory where all fidl files for a particular GENIVI release is stored - I would redirect that to the slightly bigger discussion of how to best organize fidl files in an actual software project. And this includes things like how and where CommonAPI code generation happens and how to organize the artifacts coming out of that code generation.

As of now I'm not sure if a single repository of all fidl files provide enough value.  The components we develop have different update cadence etc.  In general the compliance spec is attempting to lock down a backward compatible set of APIs by locking down component versions and requiring semantic versioning.

Anyway, I'm still happy to get everyone's input on whether collecting up all fidl files in one place makes sense.  But in terms of release process it would require a good rationale for adding that to the set of artifacts GENIVI / SAT need to produce and quality ensure.

Best Regards
- Gunnar

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Hello again

Since this is a general question I will move it to the genivi-projects list.  Both lists are archived in public so I assume you have no problem with that.

> Hi ,what I was looking for was 'some folder' named /fidl for every 
> Genivi component where one can refer to the component  Interface descriptions.

Yes I think that was understood.  Didn't I make that clear in my reply?

>I read somewhere in one of the wiki pages about a recommendation to 
>archive all the fidls in some specific git repository, but didn't see 
>any reference.

Right, and as I already said I don't think there is one, but I might be forgetting something somewhere in the Wiki.

> So ideally some one who wants to look at the services exposed by the 
>component and as Genivi recommends to define these API as per .fidl , 
>it would be consistent and appropriate to have them included in the 
>component git repository.
> I don't get the reason why we should not do that.

Who says there is a reason why we should not do that?

> Ok I understood your point on the main directory structure. I am not 
> sure whether we can enforce a common structure for all, but my 
> question was to understand how to get these fidl files after not 
> finding them in other component repositories as well.

A common standard is good but I would also recommend you continue as you did here to ask each component responsible or maintainer if a component is difficult to understand or poorly documented.  It's basically the same process you must follow for all open source software, also those which were not created in GENIVI context.

> Also was not sure whether the decision was to archive them as part of 
> component design models?

I don't understand what you mean by archive.  Or by component design models.  I know of two artifacts you might be referring to:

1. The internal GENIVI UML model
2. Component Specifications that are written for all abstract components

I'm not sure if you are envisioning the larger question here, such as how a fidl file is best shared between a server that provides it and a client that needs it.  That's a very common concern and I think there was a thread a while back.
Please drive that forward to a consensus if that was your interest.

If all you are saying is that all GENIVI-created component should have a recommended file hierarchy standard - as I said contributions are welcome. 

If all you are saying is you can't find fidl files then maybe try:

$ find . -name '*.fidl'

At least the file suffixes should always be the same (fidl, fspec and fdepl)

Hope this helps
- Gunnar

> --Vibin
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>> Hi,
>> The commonapi adoption is done by the plugins. You need to check the 
>> Command and the Routingplugin in the second repository
>> Christian
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>> Betreff: [audio-manager] Fraca IDL for audio manager.
>> Hi. Where can I find the Franca IDL files for the Genivi Audio 
>> Manager. I looked in the Audio manager code repository but not able 
>> to locate them in the subfolders.  Is there a standard recommendation 
>> of the folder name/structure in the code for placing the IDL files for Genivi components.
> The answer to the second question is only partly in the published Franca guidelines:
> e+Guidelines
> It states that a correct hierarchical directory structure must be used 
> (to be compatible with some tools (YAMAICA?))
> I don't think we have documented a top-level directory structure for 
> projects but a common convention seems to be to have a directory named 
> "fidl/" in the root of the project, or the root of where the src files are.
> I seem to remember we "agreed" on that somewhere (in SAT?) but it 
> might be poorly documented.  Please help if you think it is worthwhile 
> to publish a directory standard.
> Hope this helps
> - Gunnar
>> Thanks. --Vibin

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