RVI 1.0 feature planning meeting notes.

Feuer, Magnus mfeuer1 at jaguarlandrover.com
Fri May 13 18:50:32 EDT 2016


Below are the notes from the RVI 1.0 planning meeting we had on May 12,

William Day - JLR
Anson Fan - JLR
Magnus Feuer - JLR
Don Mies - JLR
Tatiana Jaminson - JLR
Matthew Vick - JLR
Arthur Taylor - Advanced Telematic Systens
Ulf  Wuger - JLR
Magnus Olsson - Ericsson

The following features were agreed upon to be included in RVI 1.0

*Public Key Infrastructure [ Coordinator: Lilli Szafranski ]*
RVI 0.5.0 already has encryption, authentication, and authorization. What
is lacking is a system to provision, distribute, deploy, and revoke
certificates and credentials.

A key requirement are P2P credential provisioning where a mobile device can
be granted access directly by a vehicle to control HVAC, etc, without
having to contact a backend server to generate the necessary credentials.

We will bring in best practices from AWS IAM and other proven PKU solutions
to integrate a PKI solution with RVI.

Multiple parties both inside and outside GENIVI are participating in the
early design discussions on this.

*Persistence [ Coordinator: Ulf Wiger ]*
An in-flight transaction, waiting for a data link to a remote RVI node to
become available, must survive a power cycle.

*Remote Procedure Calls** [ Coordinator: Ulf Wiger ]*
Today we are doing fire-and-forget messaging that can silently fail
somewhere on their way to their target.
RVI 1.0 will include full-fledged RPCs (with return values), including a
deep fault tracing and reporting for a single transaction that spans
multiple nodes.

*FrancaIDL [** Coordinator: Aren Edlund (once he is back from paternal
leave) ]*
We will add a FrancaIDL-driven DBUS interface to the RVI service edge, thus
extending the existing HTTP / WebSocket JSON-RPC interface used to manage
services and send messages with a GENIVI-compliant interface.

*Configuration simplification [ Coordinator: Don Mies ]*
To further ease the configuration we will either create a configuration
wizard, or add a YAML-based simplified configuration support.

We are also looking at making two parallel releases of RVI; one bundled
with Erlang, and one that has Erlang as a prerequisite in the debian

*RVI Protocol C Implementation [ Coordinator: Tatiana Jamison ] *
A C Library implementing the RVI Protocl is being created to eliminate the
need for an Erlang runtime system on lower-end devices. The C Library will
use callbacks for all system calls and TLS invocations to make the library
independent of underlying OS/SSL implementations.
We will create a reference implementation that uses Linux/mbed SSL to be
used as a starting point for developers who wants to interface RVI nodes

*Service naming standardization **[ Coordinator: Lilli Szafranski ]*
Today we have an implicit service naming scheme that is poorly documented.
We will release a formalized naming standard that RVI-using code can depend

We will get back with rough time plans once we've sorted out the resource


/Magnus F.


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