Moving from previous GDP sources?

Andersson, Gunnar gunnar.x.andersson at
Thu Mar 24 03:41:38 EDT 2016

Hi Aaron,

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> Sent: den 23 mars 2016 20:09
> Subject: Moving from previous GDP sources?
> Hi All,
> Is there a way to move from an older code base in your Yocto build to a
> newer one? My codebase is GDP9-beta, and I'd like to move to GDP9 (RC?)
> If this is a super-easy, and I just missed the obvious approach, please
> point me in the direction of the docs :)

Assuming you are using the official genivi-demo-platform.git repository
which holds all the different meta-layers as submodules (and the
init-script always updates those submodules), then it should simply be:

1. git checkout <other branch>
2. source ./

Best Regards
- Gunnar

> -Aaron

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