build instructions needed for GDP-9 on Renesas Porter

Tom Pollard tom.pollard at
Wed Mar 23 06:09:46 EDT 2016

Hi Roland, all.

On 22/03/16 15:49, Roland Krause wrote:
> Can someone please point me to the latest build instructions for GDP-9
> on Renesas Porter with Wayland 1.9? 
> I tried to clobber this together but my ignorance of Yocto and the
> ingredients of the magic potion of subrepos involved here stopped me
> after step 1 :-) 
> Thanks
> Roland

Stephen had provided his patch set to this list. As documented in JIRA
there are known issues with the Audiomanager Monitor[1] and personally
I've been having issues with infrequent hdmi monitor support[2].

As such for now, I've pushed Stephen's patchset to

With the fix provided for mesa this system will build (ensure you have
the latest clickthrough drivers from Renesas and extract them with the
provided scripts in meta-renesas) to support Weston 1.9.

I do encourage to try this build, and use the list & JIRA to report any
new findings / additions to existing known issues.

All the best,


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