Running GENIVI for the first time (on RPi3)

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> Hi Jeremiah,
> See my answers >>inline
>> Also, If there’s some how-to-use GENIVI document you can direct me to,
>> I’ll gladly read it.
> There is this page:
> But that really covers usage from a developer perspective, not from an end
> user perspective. This page has an overview:
> but it has a limited number of how-tos.
> It would be great to hear from you what type of documentation you're
> looking for -- obviously something that helps to configure the wifi once
> you've installed, but perhaps there is other specific information you'd
> like to get started?
> >>
> >> Try to look at it from the eyes of a newbie. I’m familiar with open
> source, GIT, toolchains, HW configuration, etc.
> >> What I’m not familiar with is the GENIVI system (as always when you’re
> new to an open source system).
> >> So tell me what you’re trying to do, and how do you do it, and walk me
> through the first 2 hours of work.
> >> What should I do, what do I see, how do I configure, how do I make it
> work, etc.
> >> The GDP9 wiki instruct me on how to build and burn on flash, but after
> the board init, I have no idea with to do with it...

Excellent feedback Assaf, many thanks. I propose that we bring this into
our project management office, tools team and other places we discuss
GENIVI to try and supply some documentation that is a useful introduction
to the GENIVI system.


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