Running GENIVI for the first time (on RPi3)

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On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 4:49 AM, Assaf Harel <
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> Hi All,

Hi Assaf,

> I followed the GDP wiki pages about building and installing GENIVI on
> raspberry pi (I have RPI3 board).

Which image did you build? I'm assuming the GDP (GENIVI Development
Platform) but I thought I would sanity check. :-)

> Everything loads up pretty well, but afterwards almost nothing woks for
> me.

> I’m connected through HDMI to a screen, and have usb wireless keyboard and
> mouse.
> After boot up, I see the Genivi UI, and can click with the mouse, but I
> don’t see anything happening, and one of the apps do start (navigation for
> instance), I don’t know how to return back.

This sounds like a known bug. Can you see if your logs are providing any

> Also, is there some setting page, where I can configure the wifi settings?

Wifi settings should be done via Connman configuration if I'm not mistaken.

> I suspect that when the board will be connected, anything will work
> smoother.

You mean connected to the network?

> Also, If there’s some how-to-use GENIVI document you can direct me to,
> I’ll gladly read it.

There is this page:
But that really covers usage from a developer perspective, not from an end
user perspective. This page has an overview:
but it has a limited number of how-tos.

It would be great to hear from you what type of documentation you're
looking for -- obviously something that helps to configure the wifi once
you've installed, but perhaps there is other specific information you'd
like to get started?



> Thanks,
> Assaf
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