Running GENIVI for the first time (on RPi3)

Assaf Harel assaf.harel at
Wed Jun 22 04:49:59 EDT 2016

Hi All,

I followed the GDP wiki pages about building and installing GENIVI on raspberry pi (I have RPI3 board).
Everything loads up pretty well, but afterwards almost nothing woks for me.

I’m connected through HDMI to a screen, and have usb wireless keyboard and mouse.
After boot up, I see the Genivi UI, and can click with the mouse, but I don’t see anything happening, and one of the apps do start (navigation for instance), I don’t know how to return back.

Also, is there some setting page, where I can configure the wifi settings?
I suspect that when the board will be connected, anything will work smoother.

Also, If there’s some how-to-use GENIVI document you can direct me to, I’ll gladly read it.


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