Add support for auto mounting of USB devices

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Hi Roland, Jeremiah,

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Ladies and Gentlemen.

Hey Roland, good to hear from you!

We've had a brief discussion here on the subject of auto mounting of USB devices. Following up on this discussion I would like to first tackle the technical aspects of this feature and suggest that the GDP supports udisks2 which is what most modern Linux distros support and for which documentation can be found. So I created this ticket:

Decisions about policies, i.e. what should be mounted, what not, how, when, under which privileges need to be made in a different forum as far as I understand. However the result of my request would give individual BSP makers an option to include udisks2 instead of relying on udev-extra-rules which come with a rather outdated automount script that has to be hacked in order to customize mount points, permissions etc..

Where is the best place to have these discussions?

I think this list is a good starting point! :-) GENIVI also has a "Consumer Electronics Expert Group" which handles topics like device connectivity. We don't have a dedicated mailing list for these topics however but I think that keeping Paul Wiles in the loop is a good idea since he's the EG Lead. Hopefully someone will jump into this thread with the current requirements or specs for mounting USB devices and we can have a discussion on the use case and components to fulfill the use case.

Sriram: Thanks Jeremiah for chipping in. We already have a somewhat defunct component called CE Device Manager within our EG. I think it is time to revive that. There is some documentation available which is old. I can walk you through what is available and then we can look at what additional support needs to be brought in. It is directly on top of udev events and follows a plugin based architecture.



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