Add support for auto mounting of USB devices

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On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 3:41 PM, Roland Krause <rkrause at> wrote:

> Ladies and Gentlemen.

Hey Roland, good to hear from you!

> We've had a brief discussion here on the subject of auto mounting of USB
> devices. Following up on this discussion I would like to first tackle the
> technical aspects of this feature and suggest that the GDP supports udisks2
> which is what most modern Linux distros support and for which documentation
> can be found. So I created this ticket:
> Decisions about policies, i.e. what should be mounted, what not, how,
> when, under which privileges need to be made in a different forum as far as
> I understand. However the result of my request would give individual BSP
> makers an option to include udisks2 instead of relying on udev-extra-rules
> which come with a rather outdated automount script that has to be hacked in
> order to customize mount points, permissions etc..
> Where is the best place to have these discussions?

I think this list is a good starting point! :-) GENIVI also has a "Consumer
Electronics Expert Group" which handles topics like device connectivity. We
don't have a dedicated mailing list for these topics however but I think
that keeping Paul Wiles in the loop is a good idea since he's the EG Lead.
Hopefully someone will jump into this thread with the current requirements
or specs for mounting USB devices and we can have a discussion on the use
case and components to fulfill the use case.



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