1. Has anyone already prepared FOSS software selection process/criteria/guidelines/checklists? (Paul Sherwood)

Andersson, Gunnar gunnar.x.andersson at volvocars.com
Mon Jun 6 12:35:08 EDT 2016

Hello Paul, Jeremiah

Sorry for the top post but did this go any further?

I think the list of criteria would be useful on a Wiki page.  I have a reason to 
refer a link to such a page right now you see.   :-)

(Looking for something light weight.  The maturity models mentioned below and listed 
in Wikipedia are a little heavy weight for this purpose I think.)

- Gunnar

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Hi Jeremiah
On 2016-03-04 18:29, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> Ive actually prepared such a document for a production project for a
> large Tier 1.

Ah - I guess that means that you did not find anything pre-cooked at 
GENIVI or AGL either?

> This document is based on the Open Source Maturity Model
> (more info on Wikipedia) which itself comes from CapGemini. I chose
> this because it comes from an enterprise that has enterprise software
> concerns which align pretty well with automotive concerns.

Seems reasonable.

> Im a Free Software hippy so Ive modified the OSMM approach to make it
> more consistent, accurate in its terminology, and closer to the real
> open source development process so that the tangible benefits of FOSS
> are not diluted.
> Id be very eager to get another critical eye on the document for
> review of its usefulness, Ive purposely created something to fit an
> enterprise so that it can be reused in different settings without too
> much specificity -- the names have been changed to protect the
> innocent.

Please share it! :)

> Id like to post the document to this list for feedback. Roland, is
> this something youd be willing to review and even validate 
> potentially
> in use? Of course it has to fit your use case but I think it might.

IIUC Roland was commenting on my request, although expect he may also 
have  use case.

> Id
> rather not throw something out there that everyone ignores which is
> why I ask about your travels in the first place.

I'm not going to ignore it - if you share, I'll be happy to feedback.

I do note from the OSMM that it seems to go into a lot of detail about 
metrics and processes etc, which may not quite fit the scenario I'm 
dealing with, i.e.

- for each requirement in a set of many requirements (eg for a whole 
automotive project)
   - choosing between a shortlist of popular/established 
projects/solutions (say 2-5 candidates)
   - including assessing long-term risk/viability of each


> Cheers,
> Jeremiah
> On Mar 4, 2016 11:56, "Roland Krause" <rkrause at ics.com [3]> wrote:
>> Apologies for top posting: 
>> Understanding that these are the questions/criteria for evaluation
>> of a potential OSS solution to an automotive use case I would ask a
>> few additional things: 
>> 1 On a scale of 1-10, what is the code quality? (Say 1 to be grad
>> student, final exam paper)
>> 2 What frameworks does the solution build upon? 
>> As there are lots of good ideas built on improper, insufficient or
>> just experimental frameworks. 
>> 3 Are the code maintainers open to contributions and collaborations?
>> Regards
>> Roland
>>> Hi all,
>>> Ive been asked to assist with assessment of the applicability of
>>> potential FOSS projects for an automotive customer, and am
>>> wondering if
>>> there is anything already written, either for GENIVI or AGL that
>>> could
>>> help guide me. Or maybe this has been well covered in other
>>> communities?
>>> Ive done a quick trawl of various wikis but cant find anything
>>> obvious.
>>> Ive prepared a list of questions as follows, which Id be happy to
>>> compare/contrast/contribute to any existing start point:
>>> - What is the preferred/recommended solution?
>>> - Why is this chosen or preferred?
>>> - What are the alternative or competing solutions?
>>> - How big and how active is the community?
>>> - How big and how active is the upstream team?
>>> - What is their release cadence/approach?
>>> - How much code is this?
>>> - How much effort to maintain?
>>> - Who are the upstream engineers?
>>> - Who employs them?
>>> - Where does the funding come from?
>>> - Is the funding secure and sustainable?
>>> - Where is the source?
>>> - What are their key technology choices?
>>> - What are their dependencies?
>>> - Any weaknesses/bad choices?
>>> - What licenses are applied?
>>> - Any political factors?
>>> - What is the expected roadmap?
>>> - How close is this to our needs?
>>> - How flexible is the project?
>>> - Can we contribute to upstream?
>>> - Can we hire upstream?
>>> br
>>> Paul
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