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> Hi,
> On 02/06/16 19:03, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 4:33 PM, Streif, Rudolf
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>>     Hi Changhyeok,
>>         In the future, we need to separate release and dev image.
>>     That is probably mostly a function of resources for maintenance and
>>     testing. However, one model could be that we only test the release
>>     image to the full depth as you propose to only add packages to the
>>     dev image.
>> What do we mean when we say "release" image. Is this the image that is
>> meant to be run on the target? Shouldn't we include the term "target"
>> somewhere perhaps?
> One of the main risks that open projects face is alignment. This mail
> thread is just an example of how tricky this challenge is...
> GDP targets developers. I suggest we try in a different thread to define
> what do we understand for developers in the GDP context.
> Then I suggest to come back to this one to discuss what is the expected
> outcome for them.

That works for me. :-)

What I believe we need is a crisp and clear definition of the image that is
designed to run on production hardware. We need this because we need to
ensure that the production image meets GENIVI's license policy exactly.

What does it mean that the GDP is a development platform? Does that mean
then that I use the GDP to create an image that permits me to develop an
image? Or does the GDP process itself output that image? To me this is the
difference between an SDK and an image built to be put on production
hardware, i.e. a car. My understanding is that the GDP is a set of layers
that extend meta-ivi with additional functionality but the end goal is the
same: a production ready target image.


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