Number and codenames for GDP next. (Yocto Genivi Baseline)

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Hello all,

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> Hello all
> I have been staying out of this discussion to understand what exactly the
> problem is, and many good emails have been exchanged already.
> But I hope by now some important points have come across.
> First that we *can* work on improvement also in meta-ivi, but I suggest in an
> incremental fashion as opposed to big bang.  More about this later but I
> would recommend to move such proposals out into separate discussions.
> This thread is simply trying to do to much at the same time.
> But please relax a bit first.  We can in fact live with the current situation and
> do a lot more important improvements in GDP instead, to be honest.  (That a
> particular git repository has the same name as the name of a directory within
> it is not the end of the world, seriously).
> Also I think it's clear that some more extreme proposals in this thread have
> been made without a proper understanding of both the historical and the
> current purpose of meta-ivi and baseline delivery.  Thanks to Pavel for
> jumping in and correcting those things while I did not have time.  In the last
> email he also describes it very well.  But I imagine we might need to go
> through some of these things again and ensure they are understood.
> Because even after Pavel explained earlier what meta ivi and baseline was,
> the idea that GDP shall take the place of the baseline was repeated.  Let me
> make clear that this is *not* in the near plans right now.


Having discussed this in the BIT we would like to discuss the topics raised with interest members
in a conf call before coming to any final decisions.

We propose next Tuesday 7th June at 5am UTC (6am UK, 7am CET, 10pm San Diego, 2pm Seoul) for 1 hour.
@Rudi as one of the main protagonists can you make then?


BIT Co-Lead

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