Package manager for GDP: smart?

Streif, Rudolf rstreif at
Wed Jun 1 12:07:06 EDT 2016

Hi Agustin,

>> My suggestion is:
>>   * Include the platform package manager into the GDP image (quick and
>> easy)
> +1
>   * Put the effort into adding SOTA to the GDP image and setting up the
>>     SOTA server infrastructure
> Dogfood is essential for improving quality. GDP should add and use SOTA.
> My question is, can we expect all devs and users out there be willing to
> install/configure a server infrastructure to do something "as simple" as
> updating their GDP system?
> In such case, is there plan to have a "free service" within GENIVI for
> this purpose?
> Yes, I proposed that to the PMO a couple of weeks ago. Steve Crumb and
Matt Jones agreed on it. ATS and Nick Contino are working on it. My
suggestion would be that once we got the new GDP structure and rolling
releases set up that we would regularly publish updates to the SOTA server.
Now SOTA currently is a push model only, meaning that one would use the
server's web UI to set up an update campaign to distribute updates to
registered devices. I think that we should encourage developers to register
their GDP devices and when a new update is available notifications could be
sent via SOTA. That would allow us to test SOTA end-to-end with hopefully a
growing number of GDP devices. The developers can still refuse the
installation of an update if they don't want it. We still have to work out
a couple of details on the GDP platform such as how to actually notify
about new updates (UI, message at login, etc.)

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