Package manager for GDP: smart?

Arthur Taylor arthur at
Wed Jun 1 01:30:57 EDT 2016

On 31/05/16 19:19, Streif, Rudolf wrote:
> There are two components to this that we need to distinguish:
>   * Platform Package Manager: installs, updates, removes etc. packages
>     from files and maintains the package database. The typical examples
>     are RPM, DEB, IPK.
>   * Package Downloader: checks a download server for new packages that
>     apply to the system, downloads them and then defers to the platform
>     package manager for installation (either by calling the respective
>     executables or using libraries). Typical examples are apt-get, dnf,
>     yum, zypper and Smart PM
>     I'd like to say if include Smart PM on the GDP with the settings to
>     pull packages and updates from genivi.
> That refers to the function of the package downloader. For GDP this
> function should eventually be carried out by the SOTA system. For that
> reason Nick Contino and ATS are working on setting up a SOTA server on
> the GENIVI infrastructure. On the GDP side the necessary clients of
> course need to be integrated into the platform. I think that makes very
> much sense as it will grow GDP into an end-to-end platform that allows
> testing all of its aspects.
> In addition to that if an increasing number of GDP developers is using
> SOTA to maintain the GDP development systems it will provide a lot of
> good beta testing for SOTA eventually vetting it for production
> deployment. For that very reason I would not really want to introduce a
> different package downloader that may most likely not be used on a
> production platform.

Just to second this - we're doing a bunch of work at ATS to make the
experience for developers using GENIVI SOTA as smooth as possible. Our
goal is to make SOTA the simplest way to get your changes in git
reflected on your development units, and as Rudi says, we're going to do
this in a way which is consistent / compatible with production software
lifecycle management.

We're currently working on a proof-of-concept for the AGL Reference
Platform (also Yocto based, using rvi-sota-client), and as soon as we
can convene an EG-SI session to talk about Software Management, we'll
try and outline a plan to do the same for GDP.

>       We allow developers to update without rebuilding their development
>     box.  It would also provide for trying different demo's supplied
>     within the GDP.  I'm not sold on Smart PM. It's just a package
>     manager I know is included currently.  Other packages managers could
>     do the job.  I'd also say that RPM is still required as it solves a
>     different problem. 
> Currently no package manager is included with GDP. The packaging system
> used by GDP is RPM (probably also because it is the YP/OE default).
> Adding the platform package manager is as simple as adding
> package-management to IMAGE_FEATURES or EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES.
>     I have used Smart PM on the system without too much trouble.  I get
>     the same experience from apt-get on Ubuntu. I'd like to hear other
>     opinions and thoughts.  I have heard that Smart PM currently has no
>     maintainer and as such may not be a good choice but if it works I
>     say that is not an immediate concern.  Again other package
>     management tools could be used.
> I would advocate for staying away from something that is not maintained.
> Even if GENIVI or a GENIVI organization would pick up maintenance for it
> wouldn't it make more sense that the effort is put into SOTA?
> My suggestion is:
>   * Include the platform package manager into the GDP image (quick and easy)
>   * Put the effort into adding SOTA to the GDP image and setting up the
>     SOTA server infrastructure




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