[Tools] [GDP] "Unassigned" user in JIRA?

Andersson, Gunnar gunnar.x.andersson at volvocars.com
Wed Jan 27 02:42:20 EST 2016

I have a problem...

I'd like us to capture things that are good to have, feature requests, and
so on.

I'd also like to encourage contributors to just take such an issue they are
interested in and progress it if there is no one working on it at the
moment because it is not the highest priority.

Currently for Tools new issues seem to be assigned to the Tools lead by
default.  (Actually they are assigned to Paul Sherwood still it seems, but
my perception is that Paul wants Agustin to be that person now(?))

I think if people see someone's face on a topic there is a tendency to feel
someone else is doing it, and there's no incentive to "jump in", certainly
not to just steal it from another person.

Of course for proper project management, a leader is needed that reviews,
assigns, and sets deadlines. But this purpose I feel is a bit different.
And there is nothing preventing the tools lead to still review and assign
topics that are unassigned as part of their weekly ritual.

Actually agile projects have a team and project backlogs.  A task is
not really assigned until it is scheduled in a sprint.

So... I'm asking if it would make sense to create an "Unassigned" user in
JIRA instead, for Tools and GDP and maybe other projects?  Or does JIRA
support this already.

Couldit can even be named with something that encourages people to take
action, e.g. "Up for grabs" etc.


- Gunnar

Gunnar Andersson
Lead Architect, GENIVI Alliance
Infotainment, Volvo Car Corporation

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