[PATCH][GDP] Add Renesas R-Car E2 Silk board support

Stephen Lawrence stephen.lawrence at renesas.com
Fri Jan 22 07:57:48 EST 2016

Hi Tom,

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> > As I mentioned in this weeks GDP call I realised I had missed an update
> > in the recent multi-media push. This means the silk support is a commit
> > ahead of M2 Porter in its use of meta-renesas. Please update porter as
> > agreed recently so they use the same commits. I have sanity tested that
> > the meta-renesas change (its a no-op for Porter) works on M2 Porter.
> Ok, I presume I'm also ok to move the Koelsch branch to the same commit
> of meta-renesas, as before?

Yes it is ok to move Koesch to the same meta-renesas commit.
It's basically what you suggested previously but unless I say different, or testing
shows a need to be different, let's assume that by default a change for one of the 
boards means the same change for all. 

> >
> > In terms of building the only change to Porter is in the setup step.
> > To copy in the gfx driver you run copy_gfx_software_silk.
> I will test the patchset today, and thanks again for providing a
> patchset following the branch/submodule board structure.

OK thanks. I talked to Japan this morning about the Silk loaner boards.
Boards are allocated to you and are making their way through export control. 
Export control can be a slow process, big companies and law are sometimes uneasy 
bed fellows, but boards are making their way through the system.



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