Building Latest GDP for MinnowMAX board.

Tom Pollard tom.pollard at
Fri Jan 22 04:41:01 EST 2016

Hi Jonanthan

On 21/01/16 18:12, Jonathan Lowe wrote:
> Hello,
> I built the latest versions of GDP for MinnowMAX following these
> instructions:
> After building a previous version requiring specific commits of the
> branches, the simplicity and first time bitbake success was refreshing>

I'm glad you found the use of the genivi-development-platform easier due
to the recursive submodule approach.

> However, when booting, I only see this after GRUB boot 
> [    2.059176] No controller found.
> [    2.067511] ivtvfb:    no cards found

I've been working with the minnowboard for the last couple of days, and
the build generated by the minnowboard branch is working on my end.
However I have had to rerun disk on a couple of occasions to
recreate the boot media, has it offered you the option to go into
maintenance mode? (I think with control-D). If not, it could be an issue
with the UEFI firmware version. I've also found power cycling by holding
the power button down for ~5 seconds to be helpful

> The MinnowMax board also does not connect to the network, but it does
> with the previous image.

> Any suggestions on what possibly went wrong or how to proceed would be
> helpful.
> I am currently rebuilding on a different machine(the one that built the
> previous version but is much faster) in case something happened during setup

I hope you find success,

All the best,


> JD Lowe
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