Building Latest GDP for MinnowMAX board.

Jonathan Lowe jlowe at
Thu Jan 21 13:12:14 EST 2016


I built the latest versions of GDP for MinnowMAX following these

After building a previous version requiring specific commits of the
branches, the simplicity and first time bitbake success was refreshing>

However, when booting, I only see this after GRUB boot
[    2.059176] No controller found.
[    2.067511] ivtvfb:    no cards found

The MinnowMax board also does not connect to the network, but it does with
the previous image.

Any suggestions on what possibly went wrong or how to proceed would be

I am currently rebuilding on a different machine(the one that built the
previous version but is much faster) in case something happened during setup

JD Lowe
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