Meeting notes - Weekly telco EG-RVI 2016-01-19

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Tue Jan 19 20:08:56 EST 2016

*Introduction of Michael Bychoswky - Harmann*
Michael is responsible for Harman analytics and will explore how we can
integrate their system with RVI Big Data.

*Update on RVI 0.5.0 - Ulf Wiger*

   - TLS supported
   We are now using self-signed certs X.509 certificates.  Root certs are

   - Credentials supported
   Defining which services a node can receive and invoke, are signed by the

   - RVI Core protocol is updated to handle new use cases.

   - TCP version of protocol is identical to TLS.
   Same uses cases and encoding used, allowing TCP version to be deployed
   when security is provided by lower layers (VPN, etc).

   - Fragmentation support added.
   Receiver-driven fragment delivery where the receiver requests the next
   fragment. Fragment delivery attempts can be repeated to increase

   - MessagePack used for core RVI encoding
   MessagePack encoding ( employed to get more efficient
   packing and packet size determination.

   - Updated install launch scripts
   Startups are done with config file specified at command line. No setup
   generation needed. Erlang VM is no longer bundled with RVI release. Release
   size is now ~4MB.

   - Test suite added
   Exercises protocols and use cases.

*Update on RVI Dynamic Agents - Anson Fan*

   - Demo released
   Available on Needs to be
   ported to RVI 0.5.0.

   - LUA sandbox environment
   Work in progress with DBUS-integration. LUA VMs / sandboxes will be
   managed by python-based agent manager.

*Update on Android  - Lilli Szafranski*

   - HVAC demo application updated.
   Works with current Android RVI SDK, and rvi_core 0.5.0. This includes
   upgrading to a TLS connection using passed-in client and server
   certificates, and sending hard-coded credentials to the server end-point
   allowing right-to-invoke and right-to-register all services beginning with ''.

*Update on Web System - Barbara Harmon*
Wireframing progressing. Still need to test release process setup of RVI.

*Update on SOTA Client - Vladimir*
No updates. Magnus will contact Arthur to restart process.


/Magnus F.


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