GDP Maintenance Roadmap: proposal

Pedro Alvarez pedro.alvarez at
Fri Jan 15 04:52:15 EST 2016


On 14/01/16 20:32, Walt Miner wrote:
> Hi Agustin, 
> When we planned out the layers for AGL there was a common layer that
> could be used by GENIVI (or anyone else ) that wants to build off of
> the AGL distribution. See [1] for more details. The idea was GENIVI
> could build their GENIVI compliant layer on top of meta-ivi-common.
> Now that we have an initial version of meta-ivi-common it would be a
> good time to revisit this proposal. 

I like the idea of collaborating on the 'meta-ivi-common' layer,
although I somehow dislike the idea of having more layers in the
stack... but let's hope it doesn't create more friction when upgrading

Anyway, if we are going to do this move, I think this would be a task
for the meta-ivi maintainers, right?




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