First GDP Call today: open

James Thomas james.thomas at
Wed Jan 13 06:28:07 EST 2016

On 13/01/16 09:33, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> WebEx is difficult to use. Not just on Linux (where it is possible but
> suboptimal) but on many platforms. Is it possible to investigate other
> channels that would also be significantly less expensive for GENIVI?


> There
> are a number of tools that use WebRTC for example where you can trivially
> have a telco and share your screen without the very heavy, network
> intensive WebEx tool. Things like Google Hangouts, and
> are examples of tools I've tested in the GENIVI Open Source calls with some
> success.

Does Google Hangouts still require you download a proprietary plugin? I don't
think it would be ideal to move from one solution to another that still requires
you download propritary add-ons (albeit smaller ones...)


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