First GDP Call today: open

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> Hi,
> today we will have the first GDP call at 9:00 UTC. As part of the
> reorganization of some of the meetings, we will have from now on a weekly
> call to talk about GDP. We used to do it as part of the BIT call, which is
> for Members only.

Thank you for moving the call into the open for the community, I'm certain
the community will participate more with easier access.

> The GDP call is open. So from now own we will have a weekly discussion
> about the project where you can participate, which I think is a natural
> step for an open project.
> One important input of that meeting is the report from the GDP maintenance
> team. Reporting in the open will make our work easier and hopefully will
> increase the trust on the maintenance team I am part of, key aspect for
> making GDP a success.

Just a quick note to say that I'm impressed with the transparency you've
created in the project and how well organized it is so one can follow the

> Making this call open is just a gesture (important, yes) if you do not
> participate. So this is a call for participation. Today it will be the
> first one and this is very short notice, I know, but if you cannot today,
> maybe the next one?
> Saludos
> [1]

WebEx is difficult to use. Not just on Linux (where it is possible but
suboptimal) but on many platforms. Is it possible to investigate other
channels that would also be significantly less expensive for GENIVI? There
are a number of tools that use WebRTC for example where you can trivially
have a telco and share your screen without the very heavy, network
intensive WebEx tool. Things like Google Hangouts, and
are examples of tools I've tested in the GENIVI Open Source calls with some

Warm regards,


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