[GDP][PATCH 0/2] Enable multimedia acceleration by default

Stephen Lawrence stephen.lawrence at renesas.com
Tue Jan 12 15:06:39 EST 2016

Hi Tom,

Sorry missed your email. Answers below.

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> Ok I can see the distinction between the board types now, I'm fine with
> it multimedia being default for the Low Cost variants. As with my latter
> comments of using the same commit of meta-genivi-demo I think the same
> stands for meta-renesas, with all specific config handled with direct
> commits to the branch, local / bblayers conf etc. I will push this today
> to the Porter branch, and update the Koelsch branch to the same commit
> of meta-renesas if that is ok with you?

Yes, please do that. I'm happy for you to do that as policy. If we ever have
a special case then we can do something different.


> > Yes I'll create a branch. What have you found worked best when doing a
> variant if something
> > close to it is already available? Branch from the existing branch, make the
> needed changes and push
> > the new branch, or start blank and add the submodules in? Obviously either is
> possible I just
> > wonder if you found submodules have some peculiarity that favours one over
> the other?
> In the case of the Renesas build target branches I would suggest the
> easiest method would be to checkout one of those as the base to create
> the Silk branch. When trying new boards, I've found it easier to use the
> QEMU(which I'd still ultimately like to be set as master/HEAD) as the
> base as it doesn't include any external BSP layers.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll branch Porter then. It will be a simple machine change.

> > It will be nice when we start tracking the HEADs. It can seem a bit of an anti-
> pattern sometimes
> > updating the git submodules step by step. Although that may in part be me
> getting more used to it.
> The Genivi Go server has some experimental pipelines, one for example
> that tracks qemu-ci branch of meta-genivi-demo & uses that as the
> submodule for the QEMU gdp build, I've found this useful for testing
> that the head of meta-genivi-demo is buildable before upstreaming. Once
> more resources are available hopefully we can expand to more
> experimental pipelines across all targets.

Cool. Gunnar and I talked about some variants before xmas and these
are a good example. I recently got a green light to contribute some resources.
Should be a help.



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