GDP - Porter board Touch

Andersson, Gunnar gunnar.x.andersson at
Tue Jan 12 11:31:15 EST 2016


On Tue, 2016-01-12 at 08:18 -0800, McGee, Art wrote:
> James,
> Yes,  I've checked into this  there is a flag that needs to be set in the
> kernal for GDP that is set in AGL.  It's the Multitouch
> I'm having some trouble adding that flag to the .config for the kernel
> build.  I need to know what recipe that belongs in.

Well where did you find it in the AGL build - shouldn't that lead you
to the answer?  It's all poky based and should be the same pattern
I would expect.

Or just ask on the AGL list?

The Yocto docs otherwise explain lots more details how to define the 
kernel the poky way if you have time to learn it:

- Gunnar

> Thanks
> Art McGee
> Infotainment Engineer

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