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Hi Art,
There is a useful bitbake command to change the kernel config, you can try:bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig
This should bring up the kernel configuration menu. I don't recall which section the MULTITOUCH belongs too, but it should be accessible from there. You can then save the configuration and restart your build.
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Yes,  I've checked into this  there is a flag that needs to be set in the kernal for GDP that is set in AGL.  It's the Multitouch ...... CONFIG_HID_MULTITOUCH=yI'm having some trouble adding that flag to the .config for the kernel build.  I need to know what recipe that belongs in.
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On 11/01/16 21:42, McGee, Art wrote:
> Tom, ...
> I still have been unable to get touch to work.  I have the new code
> building but from what I can tell the driver for multi-touch isn't
> installed.  I'm looking at AGL to see how it is working for them.

What hardware do you have? It's entirely possible you'll have to enable the
relevant driver in the kernel.

Does anything show up in lsub when you plug it in? Or dmesg? A really simple
test is to cat the events in /dev/input, press the screen, and see if anything
is printed.


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