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> Hi All ,

Hello Srinivas,

> Sorry if it is too dumb of a question .

This is not at all a dumb question. :-)

> I see in the
> document a block shown as

The reference architecture diagram is a holistic view of an IVI system, not
all of those blocks are produced by GENIVI yet.

> Vehicle interface

The vehicle interface block you refer to holds other components that
comprise the block. Some of those components have implementations, like the
Automotive Message Broker, some of them do not. In addition, there may be
different implementations from different OEMs or suppliers. GENIVI has
brought forward a web-based vehicle interface which is available here:
Additional work is being done on that interface in the W3C as well:

More information on the block diagram here:

> Diagnostics

The documentation for the Diagnostic Log and Trace component:
The code base kept in git here:
More information here:

Diagnostics are also available from the Linux kernel as well.

> Where is the code base for these modules ?

See above.

> Especially Vehicle Interface component ,how is seat heating data obtained
> .Does this module has an interface to CAN ?

It likely depends on how your CAN networks are configured and what you have
enabled in the OS and kernel. There is socket CAN in Linux so you can look
into to using that, but the CAN bus architecture is often specific to
vehicle make and even vehicle model.

> Does GENIVI has any generic CAN parser or some similar thing similar where
> it can work with any CAN bus of cars available in the market ?

There is publicly available hardware and software, but the CAN bus is not
something GENIVI focuses on outside of the CAN firewall project.



> Thanks
> Srinivas

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