Presenting; GENIVI-GO, The *Project*. (You are invited)

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Hi Gunnar,

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> Hello Again
> As you know the continuous build/integration server "Go server" is now in
> use.  The GDP maintenance team for example are using it to continuously
> build the latest changes and integrate with upstream changes.
> But in terms of hardware it is only a small preview of what is needed, some
> of it running on temporary solution that needs to be switched out.
> So hereby we are launching the request for additional company sponsors for
> build agents to participate in this shared build cloud.
> In the planning/pre-phase one company already set up one X86 and one
> ARM based server and others have shown initial interest.
> The attached slide deck presents the GENIVI-GO project in detail. It includes
> some rationale for choosing GENIVI Go, at least why we should try it out to
> see how it works.  It's always possible to change, if there is a desire to
> change later.
> If you already now know that you could provide some computing resources
> (any Internet connected dedicated computer for example) for this
> *community effort* for GENIVI and automotive software in general, please
> make it known and you will be on the fast track.
[Macario, Gianpaolo] I confirm Mentor Graphics interest in supporting the GENIVI CI/CD initiative.

>From the technical standpoint I did some further investigations about the feasibility of hosting one Go agent inside Mentor Graphics lab infrastructure.

Unfortunately I got the confirmation of my initial findings during the SAT 2015 F2F-6, i.e. that our corporate firewall filters outgoing TCP port 8153 as this is considered a non-standard port.
Please see [1] for details.


I highlight this fact for the awareness of other companies who may plan to donate agents.

I am going to discuss with IT some alternative plans - i.e. renting a public cloud instance, or hosting the agent on a different network, but getting management approval on this might take longer than my original expectations.

> So, please review the attached slide deck for the rationale behind the Go
> system, and the community approach for computing machines that do the
> actual work that will be the basis for increasing quality of Automotive
> software!
> Thanks in advance for your support!
> - Gunnar
[Macario, Gianpaolo] 
Cordiali Saluti / Best Regards

Gianpaolo Macario
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GENIVI - System Infrastructure EG Architect
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