GDP 11 RC1 test results on Raspberry Pi 3

Leon Anavi leon.anavi at
Wed Aug 31 08:48:31 EDT 2016

Hi Agustin, Tom, Robert, Changhyeok,

Following your request today I have tested GDP 11 RC1 release on 
Raspberry Pi 3. In general the images looks good. I confirm that 
Wayland, Weston and the HMI works as expected. I noticed a couple of 
other issues:

* Minor issue with AM Monitor which affects both Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. 
The exact steps to reproduce the test case are described in JIRA:

* Bluetoothctl is not working properly on Raspberry Pi 3 although the 
built-in Bluetooth device is detected and listed by hciconfig -a. There 
is no problem using bluetoothctl on Raspberry Pi 2 with external 
Bluetooth USB dongle. I have share more details about the issue on 
Raspberry Pi 3 in JIRA:

The peripheral devices that I have used for the tests are described in 
the wiki article:

Best regards, Leon

Leon Anavi
Software Engineer

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