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> Hi,
> I have updated the links to the git server in the wiki page "GDP in
> Detail"[1] related with Persistence.
> I would like Persistence maintainers to review them and, if possible,
> highlight in that wiki page the content that a newbie would need to read
> in order to understand how this component work.
> */[Huerner, Ingo] The links pointing to the corresponding components. /*
> */I will update the wiki page so people new to the components will find
> all needed information easily./*

Thank Ingo.

I would like to point that the same approach is equally useful for the 
rest of the GENIVI developed components. We are making a significant 
effort to attract newbies by making the download & run (and build & run) 
of GDP very easy.

The next step is to make the comprehension and first try/test of every 
component equally easy. That needs the heavy implication of the 
developers themselves, also on the documentation side. Nobody else can 
fill the current gap.

It will take time to get evident results of this effort, specially if 
like nowadays, we are not measuring any impact/usage of GDP, but 
ultimately it will be evident from the support request side.

Best Regards

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink
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