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CC'ing genivi-persistence as well.

On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 9:01 AM, Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito at<mailto:agustin.benito at>> wrote:

I have updated the links to the git server in the wiki page "GDP in Detail"[1] related with Persistence.

I would like Persistence maintainers to review them and, if possible, highlight in that wiki page the content that a newbie would need to read in order to understand how this component work.
[Huerner, Ingo] The links pointing to the corresponding components.
I will update the wiki page so people new to the components will find all needed information easily.

This would be very helpful I agree Agustin. I think a more detailed description on how to build the software would be good to have in the wiki page as well. I say this because as GENIVI gets newer members and contributors, building and testing GENIVI software is a common question for engineers new to our software. Persistence ships with a boilerplate text in its "INSTALL" file, I think having a simpler, clearer set of instructions on how to build persistence would allow a lot more people to build, and potentially adopt the software.
[Huerner, Ingo] Build instructions are available in the corresponding user’s guide documentation of the component,
but I will provide an INSTALL file containing the information.
I will also provide a small section in the wiki page about how to build the components.




We plan to release GDP RC1 this coming Sept 1st and the final release is planned for week 37.

GDP in Detail is the page where GDP users will go to when they want to know about the automotive components included in GDP and how to use them.


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