[BIT] GENIVI 11.0.0 (MIRANDA) pre-release (M-0.2) of the Yocto GENIVI Baseline

Joh, Yong-Il (Tolkien) Yong-Il.Joh at windriver.com
Fri Aug 26 05:40:16 EDT 2016

Hi all

We officially announce that we prepared GENIVI 11.0.0 (MIRANDA) release of the Yocto GENIVI Baseline, and
This is first pre-release (M-0.2).

The release can be found in the official repository:
( https://github.com/GENIVI/meta-ivi/tree/M-0.2 )
    branch:   11.0
    tag:      M-0.2
    revision: 4248ecf683a27cbb75fa584e63cd786f18ad0013

    * it uses wayland/weston with 1.11.0, not 1.10.0 from poky
    * you can see what version of each packages is at
    * Known Issue: audiomanagerplugins cannot be build if host's java is 1.8.0

This layer has the following dependencies:
    branch:   krogoth
    revision: 12eb72ee3b02f826a156ff4e396c770f2b93571e
    branch:     krogoth
    revision:   247b1267bbe95719cd4877d2d3cfbaf2a2f4865a

The supported Machines are:
    QEMU (ARMv7)  - emulated machine: vexpressa9
    QEMU (IA-32)    - emulated machine: qemux86
    QEMU (x86-64)  - emulated machine: qemux86-64

The public Yocto GENIVI Baseline's wiki page is updated with more
details on the 11.0.0 release.
 ( https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=11572300 )

In case you find a bug in meta-ivi,
please search to determine if the bug is already known,
or file a new one if not found directly in the jira
( https://at.projects.genivi.org/jira/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=10&projectKey=BASE )

In case you have questions or want to help,
send an email to the meta-ivi mailing list.

Yong-iL Joh, Sr.MTS, Wind River
mobile +82-10-6332-6692  skype tolkienj

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