Using searchpath option of commonapi-generator-linux-x86_64

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Wed Aug 24 13:31:37 EDT 2016


I am having two modules *foo* and *bar* with the following directory
structure. Now each of these module has respective foo.fidl and bar.fidl.
Both of these fidls depend on types.fidl. So I thought of keeping the
types.fidl in a common directory as







Now the ommonapi-generator-linux-x86_64 tool has the option, -sp or

So while running commonapi-generator-linux-x86_64, I gave the search path
for the common directory as:

--searchpath my_project/common my_project/foo/foo.fidl*

This is resulting in error being thrown as the tools is not considering the
searchpath option for the types.fidl.

Is there something missing in my steps in order to use the searchpath?

Also I wanted to know where can I see the sources for the tools like
commonapi-generator-linux-86_64? I am using 3.1.5 version of these tools
downloaded from [1]


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